Back in print: Shirley Dunn’s acclaimed histories of the Mohican tribe

We are excited to announce the reappearance of two highly-prized histories, Shirley Dunn’s The Mohicans and Their Land, 1609-1730 and The Mohican World, 1680-1750.  These volumes comprise a fascinating history of the Mohican people of Northeastern New York and Connecticut after the arrival of the Dutch. The Mohicans and Their Land traces events occurring in the Hudson, Mohawk and Housatonic valleys during the crucial 17th century. It follows how these Native Americans coped with Europeans, dealt with allied and enemy Native American nations, and adjusted to geographical changes immediately upon the arrival of the first foreign ships. The Mohican World follows the tribe as it responded to colonial expansion during the 18th century.

Shirley Dunn, an author respected by the descendants of the Mohicans, the Stockbridge-Munsee tribe of Wisconsin, conducted twenty years of research into contemporary Dutch and other records to illuminate the important, though little-understood, role of the Mohicans during the colonial period.

Shirley Dunn is also author of a young readers’ book entitled The Mohicans, as well as The River Indians: Mohicans Making History, all from Purple Mountain Press.