Purple Mountain Press is proud to announce having republished The Catskills: From Wilderness to Woodstock by Alf Evers and a new book by Robert and Johanna Titus, The Hudson River Schools of Art and Their Ice Age Origins.

Alf Evers’s The Catskills is of course the definitive history of the region but had gone out of print. The cornerstone book of any collection of books about the Catskills, this volume presents the lore, legends, art and commerce, flora and fauna, and natural wonders that have made the Catskills one of America’s most historically rich and romantic regions. From the chicaneries of the vast Hardenbergh Patent through the tanning and resort eras, through Woodstock and to the present day, The Catskills evokes the special charm of the region, its people, their enterprises, and the forces that impeded and impelled them as America itself evolved.

Alf Evers (1905-2004) was a historian who spent most of his life in Ulster County and also wrote Woodstock: History of an American Town. At the time of his death, several weeks’ shy of his 100th birthday, Alf was finishing Kingston: City on the Hudson, published in 2005.

In The Hudson River Schools of Art and Their Ice Age Origins (publication March 1, 2024), science writers Robert and Johanna Titus focus on the remarkably rich culture that developed in the Hudson Valley during the 19th century and how the Ice Age sculpted the landscapes that so inspired those artists. The valley saw the birth of the innovative art of the Hudson River School, along with equally well-crafted landscape architecture and much of America’s earliest world-class literature.  The Tituses describe the glacial history and processes which created the sublimely scenic terrains of the Catskills and Hudson River Valley, captured in tint, word and architecture by masters ranging from Frederic Edwin Church to Washington Irving to Andrew Jackson Downing. Abundant photos and images, including actual locations where artists worked, accompany the text.

An event celebrating publication of both books is planned at the Historical Society of Woodstock, details to come.  For more information, call us at (607) 326-0052 or email info@nysbooks.com; website: www.nysbooks.com.