The Hudson River Schools of Art and Their Ice Age Origins


About the Book

Robert and Johanna Titus have been writing detailed accounts about Catskills and Hudson Valley geological history for decades. They have been transporting their readers into the distant geological past with vivid narratives of those times. Now, in this new book, they roam the Hudson Valley during the 19th century and chronicle the remarkably rich culture that developed there at that time. The valley saw the birth of the innovative art of the Hudson River School, along with the equally well-crafted landscape architecture and much of America’s earliest world-class literature.

By linking the arts and the sciences, the Tituses reveal how the Ice Age shaped the region in a fashion that triggered the development of its culture. The artists painted lands sculpted by glaciers. Architects built homes on scenic ice age platforms. Writers described picturesque terrains that were also products of ice age processes.

As you read this book, Robert and Johanna hope their insights will inspire you to see the Catskills and greater Hudson Valley, as they do, as a “Gift of the Ice Age.”

Abundant photos and images show actual locations where artists and architects sketched, painted and designed; what they would have seen; the splendid works of art and architecture they created; and the Ice Age history behind the landscapes that inspired them.

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About the Author

Robert and Johanna Titus are retired science professors. Robert taught geology at Hartwick College. Dr. Titus is a paleontologist by training and has done a great deal of professional research on the fossil record of New York State.  Johanna has taught biology at SUNY Dutchess, with a professional research background in molecular biography. Together, the Tituses have authored The Catskills: A Geological Guide, The Catskills in the Ice Age, and The Hudson Valley in the Ice Age.  Robert is author of The Other Side of Time: Essays by the “Catskill Geologist.”  The Tituses have written for newspapers and magazines throughout the region, especially Kaatskill Life Magazine.  They lecture frequently on their research.





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